50/50 Dual Overdrive

50/50 Dual Overdrive

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Back by popular demand!  The 50/50 Dual Overdrive.  What started as a random aside on the 60 Cycle Hum Podcast, turned into a great pedal idea which, at the time, had not been done before.  Two independent 250 style circuits in one enclosure.  So simple, but so good!  We did two runs of these in different color ways in the past.  

In this 3rd version, we really wanted to make this a great looking and feeling addition to any pedal board.  From the satisfying curves of the Gørva C65 enclosures, to the soft touch relay bypass now included, these are by far the best 50/50's yet!  

Each 250 style circuit features a 3 way tone switch that dials in the high frequencies that we all know can get a bit out of control when the gain is turned up.  Both circuits are identical aside from the clipping stages.  The circuit on the right side has symmetrical clipping and the circuit on the left has asymmetrical clipping.  This is unchanged from the original 50/50.  

The other trick we added is an optional momentary bypass mode.  Holding down either foot switch for 5 seconds put that circuit in momentary bypass mode.  This can be fun for boosting certain notes of a line or adding high gain stabs.  To put the pedal back into standard latching bypass, just quickly tap the switch 3 times.  

Check out the video on the 60 Cycle hum YouTube channel for a solid demo!


We hope you enjoy!