Binford 6100

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Does everybody know what time it is?  The Binford 6100 multi-tool is here!  

Welcome to the Binford 6100, a digital multi-effects pedal with you guessed it, more power!  There is a lot to cover here so let’s get into it right after this message from Binford Tools.  

There are three modes of operation (Brad, Randy, and Mark), don’t be scared if some of the settings don’t sound particularly pleasing immediately.  This is a side effect of adding more power.

The Flannel/Beard switch is simply a kill-dry switch.  In Flannnel mode, the Mix control blends in the wet signal and in Beard mode, the Mix control is simply a volume control for the wet signal.

BRAD: Glitchy pitch shifting digital delay.  Knobs for delay time, regeneration, and pitch interval.  the pitch shift happens only on the repeats.

RANDY: Well, this is a big one.  This mode is a digital fuzz/ring mod/tremelo/phaser/nasal high mid boost.  One knob controls fuzz level, one for ring mod frequency (which at lower settings can do tremolo and phaser effects depending on where the Flannel/Beard switch is set) and one knob for a crazy high-mid boost.  This doesn't boost the real good frequencies, just the not so great ones.  Think cocked-wah.

MARK: Hall reverb with, you guessed it, fuzz on the reverb trails.  Comes equipped with a low pass filter to combat those extra trebles introduced by the fuzz.  

STOMP SWITCH: Standard soft touch relay true bypass (whatever that means) with an added bonus.  Hold the stomp switch down for 3 seconds and it puts the pedal into momentary bypass mode.  Tap it again 3 times in quick succession and it brings it back to normal.  


Backed by the standard 3 year warranty.  If you want to get weird, lets get weird!